Spanish Translator&Interpreter Services

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Spanish Translation
We are experts at translating books from English to Spanish. Our services include translation for children’s book, cookbooks, real estate, biography, Christian books, self-help books, books based on true stories and, more.

Spanish Proofreading
Have a professional, native Speaker review your book, or any other document.

We also offer you translation services from English to Spanish for documents, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, articles, magazines, employee handbooks, blogs, booklets and more.

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We also offer our translation services in other languages:
English, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Italian.

Documents $22 per page (48 hrs in advance)
Books: 0.08 per word (discount for more than 100 pages)
Children books with illustrations $25 per page.

Spanish Interpreter
For medical and legal interpreter $85 per hr
Minimum 2 hrs with 48 hrs in advance.
Total: $170
($50 per hr if you need extra hour)

Book our translator and interpreter services making your payment online with or  Once you make your payment we will start working on your project. If you need an interpreter we will send a professional interpreter to your location.

Interpreter services available only: New York and California, USA.

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Spanish Translator/Interpreter Services in New York
Text: (917)-792-1217  (If you live in USA)