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Spanish for Tourists – Spanish Travel – Hotel Vocabulary in Spanish

Información del Hotel – Hotel Information
Entrada -Check-in
Salida – Check-out
La recepción – Front desk
Mucama – Maid
Valet – Valet
Cama King size/Cama matrimonial  – King size bed
Queen size bed – Cama doble
Cama individual – Twin bed
Estacionamiento gratis – Free parking
Desayuno incluido – Breakfast included
Aire acondicionado – Air conditioning
Calefacción – Room Heating Machine
Piscina – Pool
Cuarto – Room
Restaurante – Restaurant
No smoking room –  Habitación para gente que no fume
Servicio de internet – Wifi
Playa – Beach
Laundry service – Servicio de lavandería
Se permiten mascotas (Perro) –  Pets allowed (Dog)
Refrigerador en el cuarto – Refrigerator in room
Gimnasio – Gym
Servicios del Hotel – Hotel Amenities
Cama – Bed
Toallas – Towels
Sábanas – Sheets
Baño – Bathroom
Vista – View
Recepción – Reception
Elevador  – Elevator
Escaleras – Stairs
Coffee Shop – Cafeteria
Servicio de limpieza – Housekeeping service
El Hotel cuenta –  Hotel Features
Servicio de cuarto – Room Service
Agua caliente – Hot water
Agua fria – Cold water
Toallas limpias – Clean towels
Armario – Closet
LLaves – Keys
Spa – Spa
Centro de negocios con acceso a internet – Business Center with Internet Access
Conserje – Concierge
Dry Cleaning – Lavandería
Heated pool – Piscina climatizada
Hot Tub – Jacuzzi
Servicio de Lavanderia – Laundry Service
Cuarto para reuniones  – Meeting Rooms
Microondas – Microwave
Máquina de café – Coffee Machine
Personal bilingue – Multilingual Staff
Hotel para los que no fuman – Non-Smoking Hotel
Piscina al aire libre – Outdoor pool
Acceso a silla de ruedas – Wheelchair access
Frente a la playa – Beachfront
Bar/ Salón –  Bar/Lounge
Servicio de internet gratis – Free High Speed Internet (WiFi)
Vacaciones – Vacations
Viaje de negocios – business travel
Seguro de viaje – Travel Insurance
Desayuno complementario – Complimentary breakfast
Cargo por cancelación – Cancellation Fee
Almohadas – Pillows
Control remoto – Remote control
Televisor – TV
Teléfono – Telephone
Luz – Light
Lampara – Lamp
Ventana – Window
Mesa -Table
Silla – Chair
Espejo – Mirror
Bañera – Bathtub
Enchufe – Plug

Instrucciones – Instructions
Para entretenimiento, seleccione pague por vista click en su televisión de cable, o vea su programa favorito en HBO o CNN.
For entertainment, select a pay-per-view movie on your cable television, or watch your favorite program on HBO®, or CNN.

Machu Pichu, Perú


Machu Picchu is both a cultural and natural UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since its discovery in 1911, growing numbers of tourists have visited the site each year, including 1,411,279 in 2017.[59] As Peru’s most visited tourist attraction and major revenue generator, it is continually exposed to economic and commercial forces. In the late 1990s, the Peruvian government granted concessions to allow the construction of a cable car and a luxury hotel, including a tourist complex with boutiques and restaurants and a bridge to the site.[60] Many people protested the plans, including Peruvians and foreign scientists, saying that more visitors would pose a physical burden on the ruins.[61] A no-fly zone exists above the area.[62] UNESCO is considering putting Machu Picchu on its List of World Heritage in Danger.[60]
During the 1980s a large rock from Machu Picchu’s central plaza was moved to a different location to create a helicopter landing zone. In the 1990s, the government prohibited helicopter landings. In 2006, a Cusco-based company, Helicusco, sought approval for tourist flights over Machu Picchu. The resulting license was soon rescinded.[63]
Authorities have struggled to maintain tourist safety. Tourist deaths have been linked to altitude sickness, floods and hiking accidents.[64][65][66][67] UNESCO received criticism for allowing tourists at the location given high risks of landslides, earthquakes and injury due to decaying structures.[68]
Nude tourism is a recent trend, to the dismay of Peruvian officials. In several incidents, tourists were detained for posing for nude pictures or streaking across the site. Peru’s Ministry of Culture denounced these acts for threatening Peru’s cultural heritage. Cusco’s Regional Director of Culture increased surveillance to end the practice.

How many tourists visit Machu Picchu annually?
The number of visitors to Machu Picchu each year has grown from the low 100,00s in the 1980s, to a peak of nearly 1.2 million tourists in 2013 – a 700% increase!

Curbing Tourism to Machu Picchu
Concern over the impact of tourism on the preservation of Machu Picchu is significant. UNESCO have threatened to place the site on their endangered list and archeologists and academics have openly expressed their concerns.
In response, the Peruvian Ministry of Culture reluctantly implemented new measures to curb tourism in 2011. The conflict between promoting tourism, which is a major contributor to the Peruvian economy, and conserving the famous site, continues to lead to mix priorities.
Entrance to the site has been set at a limit of 2,500 tourists a day, and access onto the popular Inca Trail, a 4-day trek that leads hikers into Machu Picchu, is limited to 500 permits a day (300 of which go to porters and guides).
There are also talks of new regulations coming into effect for 2015.
In particular, the Peruvian government will likely pass new rules that will restrict the flow of tourists through three pre-determined routes in the ancient city. All tourists will also need to join guided tours that are limited to 20 people, and will only be allowed to stop for short periods along demarcated places on the routes.

The Future of Machu Picchu
It is unlikely that Bingham ever imagined that the city he discovered in 1911 would become as popular as it is today, and he would likely turn in his grave if he knew how many tourists visit Machu Picchu annually.
Gone are the days where one could arrive in Cusco and decide to trek the Inca trail or visit Machu Picchu on the spur of the moment. Today one needs to book their visit months in advance, and will undoubtedly share the experience with 100s of tourists.

This means smart planning is key.
Choosing to visit during the wet non-peak season (October-April), especially if you are not trekking, can be a good idea. The shoulder months of March / April and October / November provide the best balance between lower tourist activity and potentially good weather.
Staying a night in Aguas Calientes before visiting Machu Picchu is also a good strategy as it means you can get up early to catch one of the first buses to ruins. The site is relatively quiet between 06:30 and 08:30, and gets particularly busy after 11:00.
Hanging around until the late afternoon before the site closes at 17:00 will also usually guarantee you some respite from the tourists hordes.
Alternatively why not consider a trek to one of many other Inca sites in the Cusco region. Choquequirao is a particularly impressive site that only gets 3,000-4,000 visitors a year, and can be combined with a visit to Machu Picchu!
Author: Mark Whitman


 Spanish numbers 1-100

1 Uno                     2 dos                    3 tres                   4 cuatro                     5 cinco                       6 seis                    7 siete                   8 ocho                 9 nueve                     10 diez
11 once                 12 doce                13 trece               14 catoce                  15 quince
16 diesciséis        17 diescisiete      18 dieciocho      19 diecinueve

20 veinte
21 veintiuno                    22 veintidós                   23 veintitrés                  24 veinticuatro
25 veinticinco                 26 veintiséis                  27 veintisiete                 25 veintiocho
29 veintinueve

30 treinta
31 treinta y uno             32 treinta y dos             33 treinta y tres            34 treinta y cuatro
35 treinta y cinco          36 treinta y seis             37 treinta y siete           35 treinta y ocho

40 cuarenta
41 cuarenta y uno         42 cuarenta y dos         43 cuarenta y tres         44 cuarenta y cuatro
45 cuarenta y cinco      46 cuarenta y seis         47 cuarenta y siete       48 cuarenta y ocho
49 cuarenta y nueve

50 Cincuenta
51 cincuenta y uno       52 cincuenta y dos        53 cincuenta y tres        54 cincuenta y cuatro
55 cincuenta y cinco     56 cincuenta y seis       57 cincuenta y siete       58 cincuenta y ocho
59 cincuenta y nueve

60 sesenta
61 sesenta y uno            62 sesenta y dos             63 sesenta y tres            64 sesenta y cuatro
65 sesenta y cinco         66 sesenta y seis             67 sesenta y siete           68 sesenta y ocho
69 sesenta y nueve

70 setenta
71 setenta y uno             72 setenta y dos             73 setenta y tres             74 setenta y cuatro
75 setenta y cinco           76 setenta y seis            77 setenta y siete            78 setenta y ocho
79 setenta y nueve

80 ochenta
81 ochenta y uno            82 ochenta y dos           83 ochenta y tres             84 ochenta y cuatro
85 ochenta y cinco         86 ochenta y seis          87 ochenta y siete            88 ochenta y ocho
89 ochenta y nueve

90 noventa
91 noventa y uno           92 noventa y dos          93 noventa y tres             94 noventa y cuatro
95 noventa y cinco        96 noventa y seis         97 noventa y siete            98 noventa y ocho
99 noventa y nueve

100 cien

Spanish sentences with the verbs Ser y Estar

Spanish sentences with the verb Ser

Yo soy Ana

Tu eres amigo de Ana.

Ella es mi amiga.

El es el profesor de Español.

Usted es profesor de esta escuela.

Esto es bueno.

Nosotros somos estudiantes de Español.

Vosotros sois de España.

Ellos son mis vecinos.

Ellas son mis hermanas.

Estos lapiceros son tuyos.

Ustedes  son mis amigos.

Spanish sentences with the verb Estar

Yo estoy en Estados Unidos.

Tu estas conmigo.

El está en la calle.

Ella está en la tienda.

Esto esta sucio.

Usted esta contenta.

Nosotros estamos enfermos.

Vosotros estáis lejos.

Ellos estan aquí.

Ellas están durmiendo.

Ustedes están cansados.


More Doctors Encouraged To Learn Spanish in New York


Where to learn Spanish in New York City




According to the website, over 2.4 million Hispanics reside in New York City, more than in any other city in the United States.

An estimated 18.2 percent of New Yorkers can speak Spanish, according the US Hispanic Data Gallery.

Speaking multiple languages – yes, Spanish among them – simply creates more opportunities, more influence, and potentially more profit as well says

The billionaire New Yorker Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of NYC, used Spanish to communicate important safety information to the Spanish speaking community in the city when the Hurricane Sandy affected New York in 2012.

If you want to learn Spanish in New York City you can take online Spanish courses via Skype, in small groups or take private lessons in person by native Spanish teachers at

There are different courses that you can take according to your needs. If you are a professional in the medical field, you will find specific courses for your profession. You can also find Spanish courses that will help you to communicate with the Spanish speaking people living in New York or when you travel abroad.