I posted a question on reddit: Why are you learning Spanish?

And the reaction of the people was positive. Definitely learning a new language opens the doors to a new world of people, new cultures, customs, and more.
I was impressed to know that there are many people interested in learning or improving their Spanish Language skills.

Leather says she wants to be a Spanish teacher …

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1 month ago

Querría ser un profe de Español. También pienso que aprendizaje es una cosa que me da empatía. En este momento hay mucho rencor y odio en nuestra sociedad mundial. Necesitamos trabajar para parar este fenómeno.

Arturo says, after the pandemic, he would like to work as a volunteer in his community.

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level 1Ms_MacArturo1 month ago

Después la pandemia me gustaría ser una voluntaria en mi comunidad.

Here are the answers, please visit the link only if you have some knowledge of Spanish: