How to treat your employees

March 3, 2021

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Have your ever thought about how can you say thank you to your employees? Do you realize how hard they work every day so you can see how your company grows?

There are many ways you can motivate and make them feel comfortable. If they are happy, they are productive.

Treat them with respect and make them feel that they are part of the team in your company and show them appreciation. Smile with them every time you have a chance at the workplace.

The companies which are considered as the best workplaces know the importance of having fun at work, says Azhar Nayeem at

According to, Google offers free meals and snacks to its employees and, if they stay late free, dinner. There is also coffee and juice available in the campuses.

A long time ago, Oprah Winfrey gave a check of $10,000 to her staff at her magazine.

But if you are an employer, you don’t have to do that if you can’t afford it. There are many ways you can show your appreciation to your employees. For example during the holidays, you can give them gift cards, a free breakfast, a $ bonus, or a free course to learn cooking or painting. 

Why not give your employees a 90 minutes Spanish Courses for free. These courses are for all levels and all the information is at


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